Letter Requests (Support, Commitment)

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SCE collaborates with many organizations to support innovation in the areas of renewable energy sources, grid optimization, energy storage, greenhouse gas reduction, and other energy-related areas. If you are working on a project of this nature and need a letter of support or commitment for a California Energy Commission EPIC, Department of Energy, or other funding source proposal, we may be able to help.

Requirements - Please review the following requirements before submitting a form:

  1. 1. Draft Letter – Please use the appropriate attachment provided in the “Types of Support and Templates” section below to access an SCE letter template to generate a draft to attach to your submission. We will use this draft to complete your final letter, and may make minor revisions, if necessary.
  2. 2. Project Summary or Draft Research Proposal – A project summary or draft research proposal must also be included as attachment to your submission, for SCE’s review and consideration.
  3. 3. Intake Form – Once a draft letter has been generated and a project summary or draft research proposal is available, please complete the intake form below. If you have already contacted an SCE resource regarding your request, please be sure to enter their contact information. If you are submitting or have submitted an Intake form, please do not submit multiple requests to other SCE personnel for the same project or effort.

Types of Support and Templates

  • Letter of Support – Offers conceptual support, or support or services that will not require formal tracking to be counted as match funds or cost share. This may include services such as technical advisory, use of facilities, or data.
  • Letter of Commitment – Requires cash ($) or cash equivalent, or in-kind contributions that require a contractual commitment and formal tracking to be counted as match funds or cost share.


Letter requests must be received two weeks prior to the “Date Needed,” to allow SCE to become properly informed about the project, assess its potential for success, and determine whether to support and/or commit financial or other resources to the effort.

Note: SCE will make reasonable efforts to accommodate requests submitted after the stated deadline, but in those cases, SCE cannot guarantee delivery by the “Date Needed.”


If you have any questions, please contact your SCE resource, or send an email to: ideas@sce.com. 

An asterisk (*) represents a required field.

Letter of Support

  • Letter of Commitment

  • Request must be made two weeks in advance to ensure timely delivery.

Disclaimer : Provision of this form and information attached herein is offered only for review by SCE, and in no way constitutes SCE’s acceptance, adoption, support, or inclusion of said technology or idea in any way whatsoever. All submissions are the property of SCE. All information provided herein will be kept confidential unless SCE notifies the party submitting this idea to the contrary.